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Create Expedia Promotions without leaving the e-GDS backoffice

Besides the possibility of using the e-GDS backoffice to check your property information, create and edit room types, rate plans and even edit room amenities, it is also possible to create Expedia promotions quickly and intuitively.

Channel Manager 11/17/2021

Create promotions and attract more guests

Promotions are special conditions for certain periods, such as events, holidays...that aim to increase bookings and bring your hotel closer to your customers.

Booking Engine 11/4/2021

Do not miss any alert: We have improved the Alerts Interface in e-GDS Backoffice

Throughout the e-GDS backoffice you will have access to consult the alerts in force so you can act accordingly.

News 10/13/2021

e-GDS News in the Login area: News even closer to you

The e-GDS Login area is more dynamic and more informative than ever!

News 10/13/2021

Launch campaigns and actions through the e-GDS Dashboard in seconds

We've simplified processes once again!

News 10/13/2021

e-GDS CHANNEL MANAGER: Allow Double Validation to Edit Settings

Security continues to be one of our priorities and so we announce a new feature dedicated to your e-GDS Channel Manager.

Channel Manager 10/11/2021

Looking for a B2B BOOKING ENGINE?

Give your Corporate segment a wide choice of the services you have available and streamline purchasing processes.

Booking Engine 10/11/2021

e-GDS CHANNEL MANAGER:Are you familiar with the "copy submissions" feature?

Set your sales for 2022 with this function that simplifies the whole process and makes the most of time and resources.

Channel Manager 10/11/2021

Get to know the new website

Have you visited the new e-GDS website?

News 10/11/2021

Create and Manage Expedia Group Promotions in e-GDS

Promotions help your properties stand out to travelers and can improve your overall booking strategy. Now it’s even easier to create and manage your promotions with Expedia Group.

Channel Manager 9/7/2021

Give your customer options at the point of payment - Discover the list of integrations available in your e-GDS B2C

Give your customer payment solutions so that they can be free to choose the one that suits them best: credit card, bank transfer, payment providers...there is a panoply of options available.

Integrations 9/7/2021

Wihp - The new integration available to your e-GDS B2C

It's now possible to integrate Wihp to your booking engine. Streamline processes and resources with this new integration.

Integrations 9/7/2021

e-GDS and Reduniq intensify relations with the possibility of a new integration to the e-GDS booking engine: Reduniq @Payments

e-GDS has developed in partnership with Reduniq @Payments a new integration to your booking engine in order to facilitate the payment of reservations and decrease the rejection rate at the final stage of the reservation.

Integrations 8/5/2021

Make the most of this key summer season – Summer 2021 Guide by has created a guide so that hoteliers can optimise their availability now to capture the attention of potential customers.

Channel Manager 8/3/2021

Improve your Customer Journey

Knowing each stage and how to act will allow you to act in an adjusted and coherent way with your sales and communication strategy.

Booking Engine 7/20/2021

e-GDS Rate Shopper: Stay competitive in the market

To know the state and oscillations of the market in real time to act assertively and always be in the market with competitive prices.
Save time and resources with a tool that helps you optimise your sales strategy.

Rate Shopper 7/20/2021

e-GDS Update: Set the best conditions for Tourist Rates

Now, in addition to creating rates, it's possible to configure (edit in cases where the rates are calculated either per person or per night.

News 7/20/2021

Top Atlântico DMC: The latest integration in your e-GDS Channel Manager

The most recent integration possible in e-GDS Channel Manager: Top Atlântico DMC

Integrations 7/20/2021

6 Marketing Strategies to implement to attract more guests

We have collected in this article 6 strategies that can help you achieve the expected results and that you should include in your marketing plan.

Booking Engine 6/30/2021

Tips to guarantee the best offers to your customer

Today we bring you some tips to maximize the revenue and the visibility of your hotel, both in your booking engine and online sales channels.

Booking Engine 6/30/2021

The impact of reviews on your hotel's reputation

The e-GDS Survey is a tool designed and structured to maintain a close relationship with your customer/guest and act in real-time.

Survey 6/30/2021 Guest Reviewer

To simplify the whole process and management of your hotel communication, this feature developed in partnership with, and available for free in your e-GDS backoffice, allows you to interact more easily and efficiently with your guest.

Channel Manager 6/30/2021

e-GDS recognized as Preferred Connectivity Partner 2021 by Expedia

The quality of our integration has been recognized as one of the best in the industry by Expedia Group that awarded us as Preferred Connectivity Partner 2021.

News 5/25/2021

BOOKING ENGINE:: Take advantage of all the e-GDS features

Having a booking engine makes it possible to sell direct bookings, without intermediaries, without commissions. Let's turn your online booking engine into your main ally?

Booking Engine 5/19/2021

Advantages of a Pre Check-in Online

Technological innovations are an asset to any hotel and a way to make the management and the operations more effective and assertive.
In fact, customers are at this point much more receptive to anything that is new and useful, mainly if it provides greater security in their experience.

Booking Engine 5/19/2021

Tips from e-GDS Team to improve your hotel

Hospitality is going through times of transformation and resilience. Times of change. We as technology providers, have had to adapt too and develop solutions to anticipate and respond to our customers' needs.

Booking Engine 5/16/2021

Automate and customize your princing with e-GDS Yield

The new e-GDS solution allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to customize and define pricing rules to be applied according to the occupancy of your hotel.

Channel Manager 5/16/2021

What is Google Hotel Ads and How to take advantage of it

Google Hotel Ads is a Google platform developed to boost online sales specially for the hotel industry.

Booking Engine 5/16/2021

Multifactor authentication to access the e-GDS Backoffice

According to the best practices recommended by the European standards GDPR and PSD2, we have changed the procedure for accessing the e-GDS backoffice to become multifactor.

News 4/8/2021

Enable Combined Offers in your e-GDS Booking Engine

Investing in Combined Offers is guaranteeing maximised sales!

Booking Engine 3/19/2021

New e-GDS Feature: Promote experience through gift vouchers

You can now add a product voucher to the gift voucher.

Booking Engine 3/9/2021

e-GDS launches new Token&Pay add-on to automate booking payments in Channel Manager

e-GDS has developed a new backoffice add-on that allows the integration of a payment provider, facilitating the collection of all bookings directly in e-GDS Channel Manager.

News 3/3/2021

The inventory view available in your e-GDS Channel Manager is better than ever!

With this new version you can manage prices, availability and restrictions by rate plans, rooms and sales channels.

Channel Manager 3/3/2021

Top10 most profitable channels in 2020

Pandemic has increased the preference for direct bookings in the Hotel booking engine and consolidated the positioning of some external sales channels. In this way, and based on clients with e-GDS solutions, worldwide, we present the list of the 10 channels with the highest production, based on the number of bookings in 2020.

Channel Manager 3/3/2021

How to make your hotel more efficient, competitive and profitable

The main function of a hotel is to provide guests with excellent service, whatever the reason for their stay: business or leisure.

Booking Engine 2/18/2021

The impact of PSD2 on Hotel sales

At the beginning of January 2021, the compliance with the regulation related to the Payment Service Directive (PSD2) became mandatory, even though despite being in force since late 2019.

Booking Engine 1/20/2021

Channel Manager: The Benefits of Integrated Management

On February 3, join us in this sharing of the benefits of technology and integrated management in the hotel industry.

Channel Manager 1/20/2021

​e-GDS® was again awarded as Premier Partner for the second consecutive year

e-GDS® renewed's Premier Partner 2021 status, created to distinguish partners with the best connectivity and action performance throughout 2020.

News 1/14/2021

New e-GDS Feature: Promote experience through gift vouchers

We went right to the moment and we made it happen! Now it's possible to integrate in your e-GDS Booking Engine the sale of vouchers. With this you will be empowering the direct sales as well as guaranteeing an excellent service to your guest.

Booking Engine 12/9/2020

Loyalty - Customization: How to get the next customer

Attracting customers is the main objective of any hotel unit ... To guarantee occupancy rates, given the sector's competitiveness, it is essential to invest in relation ... And that is why it is increasingly important to invest in a loyalty program.

Booking Engine 10/7/2020

e-GDS and HiJiffy improve Direct Bookings

Hotels with an e-GDS Booking Engine can now integrate HiJiffy to improve customer communication and boost upselling.

Integrations 12/10/2019

EC Travel: New E-GDS Channel Manager Partner!

New E-GDS Channel Manager Partner! Welcome, EC Travel.

Integrations 12/4/2019