Marketing Tools
Build customer loyalty

Increase direct bookings

Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing has become one of the main tools for hotels that are increasingly relying on marketing strategies and dynamic content to enhance their brand and build new customer loyalty.

  • Maximize online presence
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Personalise content for your guests
  • Ensure online price exclusivity for your customers
  • Promote your hotel on Facebook
  • Increase direct bookings
  • Promote marketing campaigns

There are countless ways and tools to map out your online strategy, but the key to the effectiveness of the new path to trace, will be monitoring customer behavior.

Customer behavior changes constantly and being aware of these new trends and developments in the market will, in the long term, allow you to optimise the success of your business and attract as many guests as possible.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google whereby you activate the service via a Google account.

Google Tag Manager

Tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes.

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is Google's advertising platform.


The Triptease platform is built to help hotels take back control of their distribution and increase their direct revenue.


Clicktripz is a travel technology company that develops innovative software solutions.


Sojern, the direct travel demand engine for thousands of brands that generates more direct bookings and maximises revenue.


Integrate your booking engine with the social network with the largest number of active users worldwide.

Roomer Flex

Roomer is a marketplace where people can list their non-refundable hotel bookings for sale.


Scalable, secure and dynamic, Jimpisoft is the global solution of choice for rent-a-cars of any size.

The Hotels Network

The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 5,000 hotels worldwide.

DoubleClick Floodlight

Floodlight is an iframe or image tag that installs itself on a conversion page on the site.