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Create and Manage Expedia Group Promotions in e-GDS

Channel Manager
07 Sep 2021
Promotions help your properties stand out to travelers and can improve your overall booking strategy. Now it’s even easier to create and manage your promotions with Expedia Group.

A room discount is the number one incentive that entices travelers to book an extra night at an accommodation. - Source: What Travelers Want in 2021, Expedia Group

Key Benefits

- Target high-value travelers:

- Advanced filters help you target exclusive traveler segments and stay types, so you can get the right offer in front of the right audience.

- Save time and gain control

- Easily scale and apply promotions to all your properties at once.

- Create fully customized offers or use the preset options to speed things up.

- Increase your visibility

Special merchandising on Expedia Group sites makes your promotions stand out, so it’s easy for travelers to find and book your promoted properties.

When choosing a company to book with, travelers said sales and discounts were the second most important factor after detailed accommodation information. - Source: What Travelers Want in 2021, Expedia Group

How it works

1. Select the promotion you want to create, manage, or deactivate right in your software.

2. Define the audience, offer, and dates. Promotions may be applied to one or more rate plans.

3. Submit the promotion for travelers to view across Expedia Group sites.

Promotion types available

Create your own includes options for single discount, multi-night, or day-of-the-week discounts.

Same-day-deal offers last-minute travelers a onetime discount off your lowest-priced room.

Early booking offers a discount to travelers who book early on dates that you choose.

Minimum and maximum lengths of stay may be set for all promotion types to apply.

Log in to e-GDS to create and manage your promotions with Expedia Group.*

* Promotions via API is not available for large chains currently. If you aren’t sure if your properties are supported, please contact your Market Manager.

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