Your prices and availability in one place

Integrated management between your PMS and Channel Manager

PMS Integrations

e-GDS Channel Manager automates inventory and rate updates from your PMS to keep all sales channels up-to-date and with real-time availability.

No need to copy your rates and availability from your PMS to each Extranet.
Real-time integration with major PMS's keeps everything in sync and reduces your cost of acquisition or error, reducing the risk of overbooking

Some PMS's already provide 2-way connections, allowing you to send rates, availabilities and receive bookings into your e-GDS, as one channel.

PMS Integrations

PMS Integrations


Software company specialized in developing systems for hotel management.


The Host software adapts to your needs, is 100% cloud and ready for the new challenges of the modern hotel business.


Experienced, quality software for hotels and hotel chains protel smart - small and smart.

CM Net

Company in Brazil that has become a reference in technology and systems for hotels in Brazil and abroad.

Volux OCL

OCL-VOLUX is a hotel management software that facilitates the integrated management of the various sectors of a hotel.