e-GDS Rate Shopper
Monitor and compare your competitors' prices!

Compare rates per room, cancellation policies and check in!

Access to the competitive set availability

Watch a demonstration of e-GDS RateShopper and
tay competitive by analyzing your prices against
your competitors..

e-GDS Rate Shopper

Monitor price trends and fluctuations in real time. Anticipate your sales strategy in view of the prices charged by your competitors.

With e-GDS Rate Shopper you can define and create your group of competitors and perform a daily analysis to compare prices in real time.

This is an automatic tool that analyses your competitors' prices and presents useful information for your sales strategy. This way you can quickly make decisions about the value of the room without losing position to the competition.

With e-GDS Rate Shopper you will easily monitor the prices of your competitors and will be able to improve your sales strategy in real time, maximizing revenue in all sales channels.

Stay competitive in the market Define your strategy in advance

  • Monitor and compare your competitors' prices
  • Compare rates by room type, cancellation policies and check-in date
  • Save time and resources by analysing the competition and pricing
  • Access competitive set availability
  • Optimise revenue by creating a profitable rate strategy
  • User-friendly charts and statistics to visualise: prices, products and trends from your competitors