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e-GDS CHANNEL MANAGER: Allow Double Validation to Edit Settings

Channel Manager
11 Oct 2021
Security continues to be one of our priorities and so we announce a new feature dedicated to your e-GDS Channel Manager.

In order to ensure that no change is saved by mistake, or on the wrong channel, it will be necessary that when you make a change it is only validated after another user with permission can approve and validate the required change.

The same happens when you ask our support team to change a commission or edit the configuration of a particular channel integrated in e-GDS Channel Manager. The approval of a hotel user will always be necessary.

Any user who makes a modification and does not have that permission, an email is sent to all users who have active permission so that someone responsible for the hotel approves them.

From now on, any change made in the channel configuration, the users with active permission will be notified via email with all the description of the steps to follow to validate and save the changes made. The double validation is a way to ensure that the process is being carried out as intended and within the hotel needs.

- How to give hotel users permission to validate changes:

Just access the backoffice, the Users menu and edit the user in question activating the permission.

- What happens if the hotel has no users with active permission:

Any user that makes a modification and does not have that permission, an email is sent to all users that have the active permission so that someone approves them.

- What happens if the changes are not validated:

Until the changes are validated by another user with permission, they will remain in pending status. The information in force will remain the same until the changes are confirmed.

- What to do to activate this new feature:

To activate this new feature, you must contact the e-GDS team in order to make this development available to your hotel.

For any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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