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Improve your Customer Journey

Booking Engine
20 Jul 2021
The customer's journey then starts when they think about travelling, goes through the search for accommodation, the experience provided by the hotel and how they evaluate the hotel after check-out. This is where customers can become regular and loyal customers or not even recommend your hotel.

Until the moment the guest enters the hotel to check in there is a long way to go. It all starts when the customer feels the desire to travel and shows interest in your hotel.

Knowing each stage and how to act will allow you to act in an adjusted and coherent way with your sales and communication strategy.
Improve your Customer Journey

The use of technology will be your best ally to guarantee communication and customer loyalty, improve occupancy rates, maximise revenue...

- Help the customer find your hotel

It is increasingly imperative to be on social networks and make good use of them. Nowadays we are influenced by the opinion of others and by what reaches us through social networks.

Knowing your customer will help you understand which social networks are the right ones to be on and how to act on each one.

Having the booking engine integrated into Facebook, which continues to be the social network with the most active users in the world, will boost direct sales.

- Be present in several online sales channels

Although the number of direct bookings has increased in recent years, the truth is that to maximize your revenue you need to be present in online sales channels, in OTA'S.

Did you know that e-GDS Channel Manager has over 100 certified integrations with sales channels? Do you need to contract with all of them? No. Knowing your market well and where they make reservations will help you understand which online sales channels are right for you.

- Give your customer options at the point of payment

The abandonment rate is highest at the final stage of making the booking. This can happen for several reasons: when prices are not competitive, when you don't have a variety of offers and when you don't provide different payment methods. The latter is one of the most recurrent.

Give your customer payment solutions so that they can be free to choose the one that suits them best: credit card, bank transfer, payment providers...there is a panoply of options available.

- Be present, before arrival, during and after check out

Accompanying your customer through every journey will help build trust and confidence and act quickly and efficiently at all times.

Personalise emails for all stages after the booking is made and create proximity. Scheduling emails before the customer arrives, during and after is a loyalty strategy that technology can assist and facilitate.

- Improve processes with pre-check in

Security is one of the most talked about points since the beginning of the pandemic and most worked by hotels to ensure, both to guests and employees the maximum security without losing contact so important in relationships.

It is at this point that pre check in online can help your hotel without compromising the quality of service. It guarantees a safe, fast experience in which your customer can pre-check in from anywhere in the world and thus avoid crowds at the hotel reception. This way, by obtaining information from the customer even before check-in, you can personalise the service at check-in.

Which of these tools do you already use? Are you taking full advantage of them? Learn the potential of these and other e-GDS solutions with our sales team. We are available to assist and advise you.

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