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6 Marketing Strategies to implement to attract more guests

Booking Engine
30 Jun 2021
We have collected in this article 6 strategies that can help you achieve the expected results and that you should include in your marketing plan.

Did you know that more than 80% of hotel searches are done online? To ensure that you are competitive online it is not enough to have the best prices and the best rooms. You need to include the best marketing actions in your sales strategy.

To achieve results you need to make decisions and define the best strategies according to your customer profile and the characteristics of your hotel.

Know your target market

Start by identifying your audience. Who is your customer type? What are they looking for? What do they value most about their stay?

Knowing your market segment will help you define the way you act and thus adapt and correspond to what your customer expects and needs.

It is increasingly important to bet on individuality and to personalize the service for the type of customer that is in front of you.

Create a website and a booking engine

Why pay commissions to sales channels when you can have your booking engine integrated into your hotel website?

Having a website and booking engine responsive and easy to navigate is of utmost importance. Remember that this will be the first contact that a potential customer will have with your hotel, even before they walk through the front door. Investing in a website with a booking engine, with quality content and images is essential nowadays.

Take advantage of social networks

Be present in the social networks where your customer is. And more than being present, interact with them.

Through social networks, you can disclose promotions, what's happening at your hotel, answer questions or doubts of your audience and even integrate your booking engine to facilitate the reservation.

Have updated information on social networks and use them to get closer to your public and achieve greater visibility.

Invest in employee training

You may be wondering what training your employees have to do with your marketing strategy, but the reality is that everything is related.
No one will make a better marketing campaign than your employees.

The first contact that your guest has when arriving at the hotel is with the reception... having a team prepared to act in a correct, direct, and friendly way will make all the difference in the experience that your guest will have. It's the experiences and the people that make the difference.

Create partnerships

A guest wants access to as many experiences as possible. That's what will mark their trip or stay at a hotel.
Offer complete packages or the possibility for your customer to complement the room reservation with experiential or products that the hotel may offer or create partnerships.

Another way to increase your hotel's visibility is to create partnerships with digital influencers so that through an agreement between you and your hotel, your hotel can be promoted to a wider audience. Make the partnerships that best suit your goals and audience.

Offer the best prices to loyal customers

Bet on a strategy to attract and retain your customers. Have appealing prices, promotional codes, and make campaigns for old customers.

A happy customer comes back and brings more customers. Maintain a close relationship with your customer, remember special dates, and share firsthand your promotions.
Create promotional codes for them or to offer to those closest to you. Work the relationship with your customer at every stage and make them want to come back.

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