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Edit, update and publish content and forms for your hotel website!

Workflow Management of pages and contents

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Powerful and intuitive, SEO Friendly and updated with
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Hotel Website Design

Website CMS

With e-GDS CMS you can create and manage all your website content, with drag-and-drop editing as you type as easy as editing a "Word" document. Engage your audience with relevant content!

Powerful and intuitive, this content management system allows you to change and edit content, right on the page, and have the true "What You See Is What You Get" experience.

Moreover, content is not just text: you can change headers, body text, replace images and also work on your keywords and publishing dates.

e-GDS CMS follows SEO best practices to optimize your website's presence and visibility!

With e-GDS CMS you have the opportunity to enjoy the best experience as a Content Creator, providing up-to-date and customer-oriented relevant information, without the need for our team's help.

Hotel Website Design

Involve your visitors in the whole experience and Convert them into your hotel customers!

  • Create pages in seconds, edit, update and publish content and forms for your hotel website
  • Make updates with a powerful online editor
  • Workflow management of pages and content with version validation features
  • Total website vendor independence
  • SEO Friendly updated with the latest indications from Google