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e-GDS® has once again been distinguished as Preferred Connectivityb Partner 2022 by

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09 Mar 2022
For the second consecutive year, the quality of the e-GDS Channel Manager integration has been recognized as one of the best in the industry by Expedia GroupTM, which has once again awarded us the status of Preferred Connectivity Partner 2022.

With innovation and sustained development in mind, we work daily to ensure the best connectivity in your e-GDS Channel Manager, reiterating our position on a shortlist of technology providers.

You can count on our Preferred-level software connections to take you to the next level this year. We qualified for Preferred Partner status because of our commitment to:

•    Improving traveler experiences on Expedia Group websites
•    Enabling a wide range of tools and capabilities integrated with the Expedia Group travel platform
•    Providing a quality connection with a reliable user experience
•    Ensuring a streamlined onboarding experience and high-quality support for properties
•    Empowering business growth for our clients on Expedia Group websites

This recognition, for the second consecutive year, helps us solidify our innovative position in the market and continue to develop the partnership relationship with hotels and the hotel distribution network.

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