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Marketplace for the Hotel Sector - e-GDS, SIBS, and UNICRE Launch Innovative Platform!

07 Feb 2024
e-GDS - Global Distribution Solutions, a leader in software solutions for the hotel industry, SIBS, a company that offers innovative payment solutions, and UNICRE, the leader and reference in payment services at a national level, announce the launch of a revolutionary marketplace platform for the hotel market.

This strategic collaboration brings together e-GDS expertise in developing accommodation booking systems, products, and services with SIBS innovation in online payment solutions and UNICRE excellence in e-commerce solutions.

The result is therefore an innovative booking engine that integrates online payment management, providing a complete solution for the hotel industry, especially for groups with multiple hotel units and particular payment management needs.

Among the main features of this solution are four essentials:

  1. Dynamic Packaging: The e-GDS platform allows users to create customized packages, combining different accommodation options, products, and services according to their preferences.
  2. Online Payment Management: Integrating with the robust online payment infrastructure of SIBS and UNICRE, e-GDS Dynamic Packaging offers secure and efficient transactions.
  3. Simplified and Intuitive Interface: It facilitates navigation and package customization, providing a simplified booking experience for users.
  4. Exclusive Marketplace: The first exclusive platform for the hotel market! The e-GDS Dynamic Packaging & Online Payment Marketplace solution directly connects hotels to travelers, promoting a more direct, personalized, and secure booking experience.

This solution thus presents itself as a new booking solution for hotel chains to increase sales, guests, and revenues securely, providing visitors with the flexibility and value-added experience of customizing their stays. With the integration of online payments, hotels can also streamline administrative processes and reduce waiting times, gaining clear operational efficiency. This solution thus creates a unique opportunity for hotels to stand out, increasing visibility and attractiveness to travelers!

This launch marks a significant step for the hotel industry, offering an innovative solution that combines accommodation booking, payment management, and package customization in a single integrated environment. e-GDS, SIBS, and UNICRE are excited about the positive impact it will have on the sector, elevating the booking experience to a new level.

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