Technology and Business Solutions

The Company

XYZt, SA is specialized in the design and development of unique solutions that can enhance business and improve processes. Founded in 1997, XYZt, SA has more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality market, adding valuable solutions for hoteliers and customers.

Aware of the rapid and continuous evolution of technologies and their impact on profitability and reputation of our customers, we are dedicated to provide solutions that can boost your business through online, embracing all systems and structures involved in business operations, from direct contact with consumers and suppliers, market analysis, investment analysis to research of economic and market conditions.

We also make available to our customers a range array of systems that interrelate and interact with other systems and infrastructure that can serve as the e-commerce.

e-GDS® solutions, powered by XYZt, SA, are fully integrated into a single platform for managing online hotel business. All software solutions are multi-lingual, multi-currency and suitable for all type of hospitality business and web-based so can be used all over the world.

Founded in 1997, XYZt, SA started by developing 3D Modeling Projects and has since then diversified its competencies in a diverse array of fields, supported by research, innovation and technologies that fit unique solutions.
Alongside a strong present in the Tourism realm, in result of research and development of e-business tools, XYZt, SA has explored interactive solutions for the Edutainment realm, which fulfill a pedagogical and valuable role.

XYZt, SA systematically invests in the development of avant-garde solutions, optimizing management and marketing processes, and fostering a higher return on resources and competitiveness of our customers.

It is in this ability to foresee market needs that we see ourselves as strategic business partners for our customers, aligning our R&D know-how with our drive to further understand our customers’ processes and strategies.

Our Mission
Adding business value by aligning communication, research and innovation, and by establishing solid partner relationships with our customers. Creating unique and technology advanced solutions, which are adequate, easy to use, and that provide rapid return on investment, increased revenue and notoriety in their market.

Our Vision
Adding business value by aligning communication, research and innovation, and by esBeing the market reference with a team committed to innovation and anticipation of the future.
The technical, technological and operational skills of developing activities developed by XYZt, SA demanded new strategies for research of technology and market, continuous learning, rigorous working methods and the professionalization of human resources allocated to projects.

We have a Research, Development and Innovation Center, oriented to technological and market research activities, allowing it to develop technology internally, products and projects with strong technological and innovative features.

Quality, Innovation Commitment
Quality and Innovation are one of the main paradigms of company management, in this way, vectors Quality Policy and RDI support themselves in the institution fundamental principles:
  • Knowledge and Innovation;
  • Client satisfaction;
  • Promotion of Quality in methodologies and work processes;
  • Continuous Specialization;
  • Promoting the development and satisfaction of company employees;
  • Sustainable Growth and Development;
  • Continuous improvement of efficiency in the Integrated Management System (Quality and RDI);
XYZt, SA was certified by the NP 4457:2007 (Research, Development and Innovation) in its Integrated Management System (IMS) also obtaining certification in Quality (ISO 9001:2008), becoming part of the first 50 companies to obtain this certification in Portugal.

NP 4457:2007 defines the requirements for Research & Development, as well as the Innovation Management Systems and its main objective is to help organizations to implement RDI policies with impact at the levels of effectiveness and efficiency in innovation.

Research, Development and Innovation
XYZt, SA was already carrying out Research and Development in their day to day and had already formed a RD&T core, recognized since 2006, but this certification has enabled us to improve our innovation processes.

"Obtaining a certificate was not an end for us, but to create conditions and an environment conducive to raising the quality level of our services and products. The certification was eventually emerge as a natural process and as a result of the strong commitment that the company has made in the recent years in a strategic way, " said Joaquim Pereira, CEO XYZt, SA.

The incentive to the systematic gathering of innovative ideas, monitoring objectives and strategic direction for innovation, openness to various micro and macro aspects surrounding knowledge and development allowed us to consolidate a structured organization and look to the future with a prospect of continuous opportunity.

In any economic or financial conjuncture, but mainly in the present one, we believe that business success lies in anticipating of future trends, something only possible before an oriented and best practices structure, so we started this process, successfully completed between the first 50 companies in Portugal.