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Create Rateplans for through the e-GDS Backoffice

Channel Manager
16 Feb 2022
We announce again another successfully completed development to ensure an effective, secure and fast management through the e-GDS backoffice.

We have been increasingly working on our integration with to ensure greater convenience and ease in their daily management.

Besides the ability to create promotionsfor directly from the e-GDS backoffice, to communicate No-Shows and Invalid Credit Cards, to respond to customer comments and send prices per occupancy, we have added the ability to create rate plans through e-GDS.

And how to do it? Next we share with you the step-by-step so you can take advantage of this integration today!

By accessing the menu Channels and Configuration you will enter the Extranets Configurations area.

It is from this area that you can do all the management mentioned above. In the case of the creation of price conditions (rateplans) you must select the option

The first step is to Create the Rate where you must put the name you want for the rate.

Then you must Create the Roomrate with the conditions you want for your Rate.

For further information please contact our team and come and take advantage of all the features developed with

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