e-GDS Survey
Send satisfaction surveys!

Receive your customer's feedback in real time and improve your service!

Watch a demonstration of e-GDS Survey to understand
how you can improve the interaction with your customers through the
feedback and evaluation you receive.

e-GDS Survey

e-GDS Survey is the key to taking your guests' experience to the next level.

Listening to your customers is the best way to improve their experience and promote service excellence quickly and efficiently.

With e-GDS Survey you can contact your customers at every stage of their trip, from the beginning with the booking (from all channels) to the post-stay phase, and even on special dates...

All to boost direct bookings, identify the points to improve in your service (through a satisfaction survey) and learn more about your customers and thus provide more positive and complete experiences; working on the basis of loyalty will help increase bookings and see your business grow!

e-GDS Survey offers the possibility of getting instant "after stay" feedback from your customers.

From booking to check-out Be connected to your customers!

  • Get instant "after stay" feedback from your customers
  • Send satisfaction surveys with the possibility to offer promotional codes
  • Get real-time customer feedback and improve your service
  • Send personalized emails and improve your customer relationship
  • Know your customers' needs to improve or create new products and services