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BOOKING ENGINE: Take advantage of all the e-GDS features

Booking Engine
19 May 2021
Having a booking engine makes it possible to sell direct bookings, without intermediaries, without commissions. Let's turn your online booking engine into your main ally?

We cannot remind you enough of the benefits of having a booking engine, right?

Beyond this first statement, we can say that the booking engine is your main sales channel, and is the first contact that the customer has with your hotel, with your service. That's why it is very important to invest and learn all the possibilities that e-GDS has to offer you.

Let's turn your online booking engine into your main ally?
BOOKING ENGINE: Take advantage of all the e-GDS features

Today, through a mobile device or a computer, everything is at our fingertips in an easy and accessible way. More and more tourists are looking for last-minute hotels and want to finalize a reservation without complications. Only a few tourists call a hotel to make a reservation or send an email, right?

So it's in that sense that you should have all the tools available in your booking engine.

- Responsive, multi-hotel, multi-city, multi-language and multi-currency

Tourists are increasingly looking for a differentiated and personalized service. For this reason, your booking engine should be available both on mobile and desktop and in different languages and currencies to reach a wider audience and increase the possibility of sales.

Your e-GDS booking engine besides being responsive, multi-language, and multi-currency also allows you to search by city and hotel if you have more than one hotel.

- Business Intelligence

With e-GDS we want you to make the most of the data you have available.

Get access to daily, monthly and annual reports so you can develop your sales and communication strategy.

In the Backoffice you will have access to a reporting area to measure what is working well and where you need to improve, whether in your direct sales channel.

- Personalized Messages

Communication remains the key to success. And communicating online has gone from being an asset to a requirement. The same goes for direct sales. Create personalized messages that will stand out in your booking engine to interact with your customer.

- Data Protection and Security

The issue of data protection is one of the headaches for hoteliers since the entry of the GDPR and more recently the PSD2.

In the booking engine and the e-GDS backoffice we ensure data security and comply with current legislation. We offer authentication and transactions with multiple authentication and encryption of credit card data.

- Enable the sale of extra services

Your booking engine should have a complimentary service for the sale of rooms. To stand out from the competition it is not enough to have the best prices. You should guarantee the best services and exclusivity.
Take advantage of your booking engine and create exclusive products and packages for your booking engine.

- Calendar of available dates

e-GDS is always on the lookout for trends and improving its services and solutions. One of the new developments is linked to its booking engine.

When a customer visits the booking engine and wants to know more about the hotel, in addition to the description, location, photos, and booking policy can now also quickly and intuitively consult the availability calendar with the days available for booking and from that search consult prices and rooms and finalize the reservation.


Integration with other tools:

The booking engine should be part of the sales strategy and communication with your customer, in this way e-GDS enables integration with external solutions and develops complementary solutions to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal.

- e-GDS Pre Check-in Online: guarantees your guest's maximum security with online check-in.
- e-GDS Survey: send emails before, during, and after the stay and customize messages to maintain communication with your customer.
- e-GDS B2B: integrate with your booking engine for end customers an area for agencies and corporate. No more emails.
- e-GDS Yield: create rules for the system to calculate occupancy and automatically update your price.
- Member Club: create special prices to encourage your customers to book through the booking engine and bet on loyalty.
- e-GDS Channel Manager: ensure that your inventory is always up to date and in line with external channels, reducing the risk of double bookings and overbookings.
- PMS: integrate your booking engine with PMS for more dynamic and real-time management.
- Payment Providers: integrate a payment provider into your booking engine and give your customer the possibility to choose the most comfortable way to make the payment.
- Social Networks: advertise your booking engine, through link integration and refer your community on social networks to your hotel.
- Google Analytics: knowing your guest is fundamental. Through Google Analytics you will have access to information that you can work towards a more efficient strategy.
- ...

To know how to boost your e-GDS booking engine and take advantage of all the tools available, consult our team.

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