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Cybersecurity in everyday life

08 Feb 2022
Cybersecurity is the order of the day and confidence in the systems has become a critical factor in the operations we carry out daily. There are thousands of reservations and sensitive data that the hospitality industry deals with on a daily basis... And although this was already a reality, the current market environment has accelerated digital transformation processes by a factor of ten and cybersecurity issues have become even more relevant!

Most of the business world, including the hospitality industry, was not particularly careful with cybersecurity issues until then: whether for lack of knowledge in decision-making or lack of skills to demonstrate the benefits of process changes in the digital shift, the fact is that resistance to change is also largely visible in the resistance to the adoption of particular security measures adjusted to operations.

With the growth of the digital world, on which the hotel business has long been based, doors have opened to greater risks and vulnerabilities... But also doors to success and growth if these risks are taken care of! It is therefore important that systems, as automation vehicles and management facilitators, become engines of trust and security for users, hotels, customers and data... both in the way they are designed to operate and in the way they actually work. 

Note that one of the critical success factors in cybersecurity is the individual action of each user, but it is up to management to develop a culture of security: train teams, ensure effective management of data access, anticipate risks and protect access to systems!
Cybersecurity in everyday life

But the security of daily operations, along with cybersecurity, should be a concern of all market players, because although they are a challenge, the return is considerable: a cybersecure environment is fundamental for good business development... And that is why many of the platforms display security measures in their use that they "invite" hoteliers to use.

See some examples in e-GDS:

- HTTPS: All communications performed in e-GDS work in HTTPS, which allows the encryption of all sensitive information (such as e.g.: credit card data). And the chosen certificate - Digicert - is one of the most robust worldwide!

- Multi-factor authentication: To access e-GDS BackOffice, it is always mandatory to successfully pass two phases of authentication. This way we guarantee that, even if your password is compromised, there will be no undue access.

- Individual Access: Passwords and Access Codes for authentication on our platforms are personal and non-transferable, and have to comply with several restrictive and complex criteria for robustness assurance.

- Encryption of Sensitive Data: All sensitive information, such as host data, Passwords, Credit Cards are stored in encrypted form and only accessible under additional security criteria: it is not enough to be logged into the system!

- Backups: Daily automatic backups are performed safely, ensuring that in case of unavailability of service or possible compromise of data, there may be a replacement in a short space of time.

- Suppliers: The selection of suppliers is highly careful and continuous monitoring: All are permanently scrutinised, ensuring that all security standards are also met by them.

- Internal Monitoring: All our services are constantly monitored to ensure they are functional, compliant and without any compromise, 24 hours a day! We currently have an Uptime rate of over 99.8%, with no record of any security incidence to report!

In fact, in e-GDS, the commitment to security is a beacon in the management and development, so our policy over the years has always been based on ensuring data protection, as well as ensuring a stable, functional and secure platform for all users.

Since the beginning of the development of the platform, pioneer in many of these purposes, we are innovating, implementing actions always with the purpose of ensuring greater security, reducing risks, meeting security standards and following best practices. We want our customers to feel safe so they can make their reservations and business grow!

And so here are some tips:

- Do not allow shared access to the e-GDS Backoffice: each of your employees should have individual access to ensure greater control.

- Use strong passwords: Ensure that your access passwords are not easy to guess.

- Two-factor authentication: make sure you have your mobile phone number associated with your user. This is the only way we can send you one-time access codes or possibly reset your password.

- We know you can't print, but don't write down or save credit card details for later collection! Be aware that if they are encrypted, you'll keep track of your views and you can even associate a paymentgatway with the Channel Manager so you don't even have to see them!

- Activate a payment provider for your e-GDS Booking Engine: guarantee your direct bookings with greater payment security.

- And we know that e-GDS is mobile and we want it to be accessed from any device, but avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public places: unsecured networks leave you more vulnerable!

And whenever you want to review your security criteria associated with the use of e-GDS modules, please contact us via e-GDS Support.

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