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Loyalty - Customization: How to get the next customer

Booking Engine
07 Oct 2020
Attracting customers is the main objective of any hotel unit ... To guarantee occupancy rates, given the sector's competitiveness, it is essential to invest in relation ... And that is why it is increasingly important to invest in a loyalty program.

Building customer loyalty is a major challenge, as preferences, needs and selection criteria are not static.

Customers are moved by feelings, by the perceived image of the brand, by online comments / reviews, by prices, and above all by experience.

How to combine these factors and retain customers?

  • Know your guest

Grouping your type of customer by nationality, age group and types of complementary services will help you to identify and get to know your guest.

This way and with this knowledge, it will be much easier to create exclusive programs and define a strategy that will meet their needs.
  • Have an optimized website and booking engine

Your website is the first contact that the customer will have with your unit. You should ensure that all information is clear and that navigation is user friendly. It is important to create ease for customers, to allow them to live an experience of added value. If you don't, you miss the opportunity because the research immediately moves on to other options.

And here remember that more than 60% of tourists use a mobile device to search and book hotels: is your website mobile friendly?
  • Encourage sharing of experience, customer feedback

Listening to guests is a free strategy to help you improve your services.

Give your customers the opportunity to create great content online, comment on the experience on their social networks, and even answered an internal satisfaction questionnaire that can immediately resolve some frustrations.

With this knowledge you will understand where your gaps are, where you can improve, which departments stand out the most and still act in a direct and personalized way with each one of your clients. Go beyond the usual sites and make it your main source of online communication!
  • Have a loyalty program

Investing in the relationship with your guests, in addition to return, is an excellent way to ensure that they will recommend you to others.

A good Marketing strategy will be the key to success. Plan, Innovate, Act and Communicate.

According to a survey conducted by Oracle, tourists, from the most diverse countries, expect that discounts on hotel loyalty programs will be more personalized, according to their preferences and characteristics: an extra service, an upgrade, a welcome drink, a special price,… everything is part of a loyalty program that can and should be adapted by the hotel.

Curious about “how to do it”? Get in touch with the e-GDS team and discover all the possibilities of Loyalty and Guest Engagement available.

Bet on an exclusive, safe and differentiating treatment, powered by e-GDS®.

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