e-GDS PMS Integratione-GDS has partnered with multiple PMS (Property Management System) in order to ease hotelier’s life and avoiding manual errors.EASIER AND FASTER MANAGEMENT!

Why do you need to set a PMS Integration?

  • The e-GDS Channel Manager automates inventory and rate updates from your PMS to keep all booking sites updated with real-time availability and eliminates manual entry.
  • Real-time integration with the world’s leading PMSs keeps everything in sync and lowers your cost of acquisition.
  • Some PMS already provide 2-way connections, allowing to send rates, availabilities and receive bookings in your e-GDS, as a channel.

Current Available PMS Integrations

Bematech CMNet Host Newhotel Volux / OCL Protel

Advantages you can have connecting your PMS to the e-GDS Solution!

One entry point, your PMS

Your rates and availabilities in one place

Save time

No need to copy your rates and availability from your PMS into your Extranet´s

2-Way PMS Integration

Your rates, availability and bookings are transmitted automatically via our reliable two-way XML interface

Less overbooking´s

Your PMS determines how many rooms are available for online booking

No need learn how to work with another software

Your co-workers are already trained in your PMS

PMS & Channel Manager in one place

Save time and avoid manual errors