One single login per partner / customer (unlimited)!

Stop and open sales per rate and per contract / profile / channel!

Watch a demonstration of e-GDS B2B to boost your Corporate business!


With e-GDS B2B you can set different rates per partner. This step allows you to make the whole process more automated, leaving confirmation request emails aside!

Don't lose more sales opportunities because of long response times for RFP or availability requests from agencies and corporate customers: give them the same advantages of online booking tools that you offer to other customers.

Give your Corporate segment a wide choice of the services you have available!

Maximize Your Advantage The unique features of e-GDS B2B

  • A single login per partner / customer (unlimited)
  • Centralised and simplified management of reservations and allotment in real time, by contract / profile / channel
  • Customer login to obtain booking details, cancellation and personal data management
  • Possibility to restrict differentiated credit per agency
  • Responsive Interface to take advantage of new customer behaviours when shopping online
  • Secure web communication through a Security Certificate
  • Cloud hosting with all its reliability