Why work at e-GDS?

We are a Portuguese company that develops and provides software for the national and international market in hospitality.
We work with hundreds of hotels worldwide anticipating the needs of the hotel market.
If you want to contribute with your experience and make a difference join us!

We have been in the market for over 20 years and we have a multifaceted, committed team with a desire to grow and be better.

Fun, hardworking and inclusive!

We believe that together we will go further. We are a united team that respects and accepts differences. As a family, we disagree, listen, share and overcome.

We truly believe that each individual can give strength and perspective to a continuous evolution.

Do you want to join the team? See our open positions.
Can't find the perfect position for you? No problem, send your spontaneous application and make yourself known!
  • Mário Guedes
    Mário Guedes
    "The need awakes curiosity and doubts arise… we always give all the necessary and very close support, so that customers can rest easy and feel that we are here to help them."
  • Ana Sofia Castelo
    Ana Sofia Castelo
    General Manager
    "Our customers know they can count with e-GDS (...) We are here to be part of the solution!"
  • Carlos Leal
    Carlos Leal
    Web Developer
    "Just as we have surprised our customers in the past with constant improvements and innovations, we can say that in the future it will be the same, we are already working on solutions that will positively surprise you."
  • Liliana Nunes
    Liliana Nunes
    Senior Acount Manager
    "Currently, e-GDS provides the ideal technology solution, focused on increasing direct sales, rate competitiveness and diversification of experiences and personalization of your business offer, in the face of new customer behavior."