Dear Client,

For your comfort we provide our data for payments below. Please feel free to use the best available option for you!


To make a PayPal payment please fill out the "Invoice" field with the reference/number provided by e-GDS and click "Submit". You will be automatically forwarded to the PayPal website. It is well known that PayPal have some of the most advanced security protection protocols available on the internet.

After you identify yourself, please follow the instructions to make payment.

PayPal Submit

Bank Transfer

If you prefer to make a bank deposit or transfer, these are our bank details:

Company Name | XYZT, S.A.
IBAN | PT50 0010 0000 2610 1110 0013 1
Bank | BPI, S.A. – Nogueira da Maia (Maia)


The payment will only be confirmed upon proof of payment of the bank transfer. Please send us your bank receipt along with your invoices list in payment to our fax number +351 225 420 769 or email.

If you need a receipt of your payment please contact our account services by email.