16 May 2021

What is Google Hotel Ads and How to take advantage of it

Google Hotel Ads is a Google platform developed to boost online sales specially for the hotel industry.

Google Hotel Ads, through campaigns, allows you to direct your target audience towards the best offers, positioning your hotel more competitively.

The main advantage of this feature is that any propriety regardless of its size can compete with several hotels and reach a greater number of potential customers. Another advantage of this service - unlike Google campaigns - the hotel only pays for bookings received and not for clicks.

This platform gathers information from all hotels so that when a potential guest conducts a search with certain specifics, they will find the best offers ... segmenting hotel campaigns by the customer's search criteria.

It boosts sales for the hotel and simplifies the customer search.

In order to improve your booking engine, e-GDS provides integration with Google Hotel Ads so you can monetize your online presence and increase direct sales.

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