14 Jan 2021

​e-GDS® was again awarded as Premier Partner for the second consecutive year

e-GDS® renewed's Premier Partner 2021 status, created to distinguish partners with the best connectivity and action performance throughout 2020.

The past year has been an overcoming exercise, personal and professional, for the entire e-GDS® team, which has focused on technical and commercial innovation to improve its services and develop new value-added solutions for the hospitality industry.

In a close cooperation with the Connectivity Department of, e-GDS® developed all the APIs integratios and resources available on Partners Center, to offer to clients all the security and speed in operations from the e-GDS® backoffice:

- Opportunities: a new area where is possible to previously analyze the opportunities offered by in order to increase its visibility and sales possibilities;

- Guest Reviews: it's now possible to see on e-GDS Backoffice the score given by guests and answer easily to comments;

- Report of invalid credit cards and no-shows: hotels can also manage a reservation and perform several operations, such as cancellations, report invalid credit cards and notify no-shows through the e-GDS® backoffice.

This award, achieved 3 months previous the deadline, places e-GDS® once again on's restricted list of Premier Partners.

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