31 Aug 2020

What are the challenges that a hotel is going through and the importance of monitoring an Account Manager

We begin to return to work, to a new reality.
Part of our team comes back in through the office and takes over from their position in a responsible and conscious way.

This month we challenge our Senior Account Manager, Liliana Nunes, responsible for the national market, to share her testimonial on how her last months of work were and how she view the future of the sector.

Liliana, many of the clients have already had contact with you, whether by phone, email or even Skype, share with us what these last months of work have been like.

We found that at this stage, some of our clients kept a dynamic perspective and made the best of it.

Many clients used the platform to innovate, review their entire approach to the market and used the system in a very productive way.
Internally we had the opportunity to make new developments and to dynamize e-GDS products in face of these new challenges in the hospitality market.

From the contact you have with customers, what are the biggest challenges that hoteliers are facing?

Currently the hotel manager is presented with several challenges to exceed the guests' expectations, provide data security, manage staff, maintain online reputation and control financial flow.
But at this point, being able to restore your business after any catastrophe or any natural crisis is the most challenging of all!

How do you see the future of the hotel business and how e-GDS can support it?

The digital transformation has long since ceased to be a trend and has become a necessity for the sustainability and competitiveness of the hospitality market.

The new technological trends designed for hospitality, encourage hotel managers to use tools that simplify management and boost their business in the most profitable way possible.

These trends go far beyond free Wi-Fi, having a website, booking engine, channel manager and active social networks, for example.

It' s necessary to invest in a strategy that allows you to make the best use of all these tools and adapt or even redefine sales management to the new demands of today's market.

Before, luxury means chandelier decoration and butlers, etc... today means having an approach that prioritizes technology.

Many guests expect everything to be automated and many things can be done by phone, for example. Not having to go through reception and stand in lines waiting to be met, to check in or even to get information or request a late check out...

I don't have any crystal ball to help me see the future, but I know it will be much more than this... I know it will be technology driven and will increase customization in order to manage revenue more quickly and efficiently.
Currently, e-GDS provides the ideal technology solution, focused on increasing direct sales, rate competitiveness and diversification of experiences and personalization of your business offer, in the face of new customer behavior.

Sending an automatic and personalized pre-stay e-mail, with an exclusive direct rate for the month of vacation of a guest, with tips of places to visit in a city that that guest loves and also the possibility of adding add -on's to your reservation with special prices, instantly encourage the choice of this customer in scheduling your vacation, for example.

The technology not only improves the guest's experience, but also contributes to the optimization of the whole process of KPI's improvement in hotel units.

What incentive/recommendation do you want to give to e-GDS customers?

On a global level, some countries are evaluating restrictions in a progressive and careful way.

The preparation of the reopening of hotel units in the market has been a difficult journey in view of this new experience and our support has been crucial to all our customers.

The recovery will be a long process and the business segments will evolve in differentiated timings so consumption will return and we must remain active and optimistic.

Create new sales strategy, new local approach, integrate flexible marketing campaigns, keep up with the competition, look at the current market and recreate an appropriate pricing structure and tariff conditions and keep up with the competition.

It is essential not to lose focus, to maintain coherence, to be creative and, above all, to let yourself adapt... embrace the technology that is the best ally of this new reality!

We thank our colleague Liliana Nunes, who is part of the department that has the most contact with clients.

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