31 Aug 2020

4 Strategies to Ensure the Best Prices

How can you guarantee the best prices to your direct customers without affecting your relationship with OTA’s?

We share 4 fundamental strategies to increase your direct sales and boost your booking engine without losing your trust and relationship with external sales channels.

  • Rooms for exclusive sale on your booking engine

OTA’s require parity in the types of rooms that are for sale and that can find their match in the various channels, however, having rooms only for direct sale will provide a more dynamic management and without interference from third parties.​

  • Exclusive Packages and Promotions

Having a varied offer on your booking engine will ensure greater reach and meet the needs of different types of customers.

Having a diverse and exclusive offer is the best way to ensure that a visitor, who enters your website and does a search on your booking engine, is captive.

  • Loyalty Program

The e-GDS has several customers whose main sales channel is the booking engine. This is only possible if you work with your booking engine and the relationship with your customers on a daily and continuous basis.

Creating a loyalty program or promotional codes with exclusive rates and restricted access is a way to encourage direct sales, that is, through your booking engine, free of commissions.

  • Custom booking engine

The booking engines are customized in order to integrate in your website as smoothly as possible. The idea is for your booking engine to be an extension of your website.

e-GDS offers different types of booking engines with different characteristics and specificities that you must take into account when making a decision.

A common feature in all e-GDS booking engines is the fact that it is possible to customize messages according to your needs and the message you want to pass on to your potential customer.

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