31 Aug 2020

How to convert site visitors to reservations

We know that today more than ever it is important to sell. Increase sales and that these are reflected in positive revenue.

But what are you willing to work on to improve engagement with your customers? Do you know what your niche market is really looking for? Do you really know your guest? Do you know what they are looking for when making a reservation? What moves them?

It is important to know your market so that you can position yourself with your wishes, expectations and needs.

Creating targeted offers is a way to convert visits to your site into customers.

Pay attention to what your customer needs, what they are looking for and create an offer that meets those needs. A client does not pay for the overnight stay, but for the experience. And if the experience meets expectations then it will turn that customer into a loyal customer.

Another advantage of knowing your market is knowing where it is positioned, where it searches by reservation, this allows you to set up a strategy, both in communication and sales, direct and personal.

Take advantage of the marketing messages available on the e-GDS B2C to customize your booking engine according to what your customers need and want to know. The booking engine is the extension of your website. That's where the reservation happens. Do not neglect the quality of images, informative and direct content, personalize messages, and create exclusive offers for your direct customers.

Remember that contact with the customer and the first impression is made when searching for offers and not on the day of check in.

Relate to your market from the moment zero.

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