05 Jun 2020

What are the challenges of the Home Office and the work of the technical team?

After challenging one of our support team members to share his experience in Home Office and the challenges he encounters as one of his closest contacts with clients, we bring today the vision of one of our oldest employees.

Celebrating this month 20 years of collaboration at XYZt, S.A., we wanted to know more about Carlos Leal, e-GDS WebDeveloper.
  • For those who don't know, what are the functions of a WebDeveloper?

The function of WebDeveloper is to develop the visual part of our products. At e-GDS we have the Design team, that is responsible for the design of our products, we have the Development team, that develops the functionality and finally, we have the WebDevelopers team, of which I am part, and that we are the link between the Design team and the Programming team, in basically, we take the functionality and apply the look that the Design team designed.
  • During these years of experience as a member of the e-GDS technical team, what were the most interesting challenges?

At e-GDS, every day is a challenge, but I remember the first days we started working in the Hotel industry (many years ago), and everything was new, every day we discovered new words, terms from the Hotel sector, that we (technical team) were saying nothing to. Those were times when learning was constant. Nowadays the great challenge is to maintain and improve our products, develop new products/solutions, which are currently a reference in the Hospitality Industry, nationally and internationally. Although we are a small team, we have been able to create hotel solutions that meet what our customers want, proof of this is the fact that our solutions have recently been awarded internationally (TOP Connectivity Performer 2019).
  • What challenges have you come across recently working in the Home Office?

Working as a Home Office, was to leave our comfort zone, we are familiar with a room full of co-workers, where there is always communication and interaction and we move to our home where we are alone. The first big challenge was to create new routines and to adapt to this new way of working. When we have to communicate with our colleagues, what used to be immediate, has to be "scheduled" or not so immediate. Having assimilated all this new way of working, I can say that it has been a challenge that has been overcome quite successfully.
  • How do you see the future of technology in the hotel business and how can e-GDS support it?

The future of technology will continue to bring processes that always allow better process automation, giving a recent example, just now we launched another functionality that allows our customers' to accelerate the process of Check-In (Pre Check-In), is another tool that will allow everyone to gain time and automate processes. So, I think the future will continue for new tools that allow this kind of innovation, and as always e-GDS will remain at the vanguard allowing our customers to be always satisfied with having chosen our solutions.
  • What message do you want to leave for current and future e-GDS customers?

We have often been a few steps ahead of what the market needs, there are already countless times we see the competitor A or B announcing a certain functionality, and when we are asked when e-GDS will have, our answer has been for some months/years.
Just as we have surprised our customers in the past with constant improvements and innovations, we can say that in the future it will be the same, we are already working on solutions that will positively surprise you.

We would like to thank our colleague Carlos Leal, who has been part of the team since June 2000 and is a key player in the e-GDS developments, used by our customers all over the world.

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