01 Jun 2020

What are the rights OTA’s for your business?

​A good commercial strategy means never putting all your eggs in one basket! A functional booking engine should be a masterpiece to help streamline direct sales and free the hotel from commissions. But an enterprise certainly needs business partners to increase its reach and to boost sales.

We cannot be naive and think that a hotel does not need to work with some OTA’s or online travel agencies. What is important to realize is that it doesn't have to be at all of them!

Working on a commercial strategy focused on a target audience, choosing the right partners to reach it, works as a kind of formula for success!

Knowing your target audience, understanding the route your customer takes until he reaches the reservation and by what means he does it, are starting points for choosing the right sales channels for your business.
Despite this strategy customization work, given the experience we have and given the millions of reservations that have gone through the e-GDS Channel Manager over the past year, we share the top 10 of the most searched sales channels by our customers:

1º Booking
2º Expedia
3º Abreu
4º Em Viagem
5º Hotelbeds
6º Portimar
7º Globalia
8º HRS
9º Hotusa
10º Despegar

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