01 Jun 2020

Google Hotel Ads – Benefits for your Hotel

Google Hotel Ads is a Google tool that has arrived and transformed the way of searching in the hospitality sector.

Let's start by explaining simply what Google Hotel Ads is and what it consists of.

This is a Google resource for the travel and hotel industry that redirects booking traffic directly to the hotel's website through the search made in this search engine.

The operation is similar to the already known Google Ads: you will have to make ads that, when they appear in the first search results, boost the sales.

With Google Hotel Ads you can gain influence and will ensure that your hotel appears in the first results, with all the potential of direct selling.

We share some of the benefits of using Google Hotel Ads:

- about 60% of tourists, in general, start searching through Google;
- more than 25% of tourists choose to book directly with the hotel;
- 89% of tourists search for hotels online;
- increase in the range of view in search by destination;
- highlight related to the rates and offers available in the Google hotel listing;
- optimization and monitoring of conversions,
- interaction between all Google platforms;
- higher probability of users visiting the website and finish a direct booking.
Know how to activate Google Hotels Ads on your e-GDS Booking Engine. Contact us!

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