01 Jun 2020

Online Reputation

Good online reputation management is important to establish a trust relationship with your customers, potential hosts, and even partners.

This should be seen as a demanding but indispensable work today.

Online reputation can increase your hotel's revenue and make it a reference for your niche market. The opposite can seriously condition your hotel's sales and success.

A potential client does not just look at the price of the room or services, but at a set of experiences that will make him wonder if the amount to be paid for the stay is justified or not. And in times of pandemic, issues such as cleaning and sanitation gain added value over price!
The feedback you receive from your guests will condition the decision of many others, and then the ranking of your hotel. And that's why it's extremely important to monitor the comments and follow them up: ignoring them doesn't make them go away; giving a less successful answer can be even more damaging!

Knowing what they say about your service and where they say it will help to create an assertive communication and response strategy on time.

Creating a connection with your guests, being aware of what they say and how they say it will help to improve your services and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Find critical success factors here: be active and assertive.

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