01 Jun 2020

How to improve your customer's Booking Engine experience

What all the hoteliers want is a satisfied customer, who shares a positive opinion, who encourages others to book... and comes back!

Think that if the customer has already made the reservation, then you have already captivated them. It's up to you and your team to live up to expectations!
There are of course solutions, more or less digital, that can help you to improve the experience, and so we will share:
Don't wait for the client to arrive to create a connection. After the confirmation of a new reservation, invest in the communication.
Anticipate the arrival and the experience with a strategy of sending automatic emails to your guest before the moment of arrival: Why not send the first email thanking the booking and informing of some activities in the area or even in the hotel? One week before the day of check-in, why not remind the guest and ask if they have already started planning what to do during the stay? 2 days before, why not send an email wishing a good trip and the possibility to make a pre check-in online, without the need to waste time at reception?
These are all small points of contact that make the experience valuable from the moment of booking!
By making it easier for the customer to do a pre check-in online, you are spreading confidence and optimizing the customer's time for what is important: you will reduce waiting times in the lobby and of course you will have access to information about who you will receive before their arrival.
This information will make your service more efficient and professional, and at the same time, you will be able to anticipate some actions. For example, imagine that in the information you will have access to in the pre check-in online, you realize that a guest’s birthday is during their stay ... why not create a personalized experience? Assuredly your guest will never forget the experience...
Check out:
The relationship with the guest should not end on the day of the check-out. Send a satisfaction survey, asking for a comment about the services and attendance or even send a promotional code for the next booking, for them or someone special... These are all good practices that you can apply, not only to improve your service but also to create a loyal community around your hotel.

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