01 Jun 2020

The importance of having a booking engine with available offer

Your booking engine is more than just a channel. It's the first contact that your client has with your hotel! This is where the first door opens.

There are external factors that can condition the finalization of the booking, and these are impossible to control. However, others depend exclusively on your will, on how the management is done for your booking engine.

The sales strategy depends very heavily on the type of customer, the time of year, the competition, and their purposes.
Today we share some tips on what not to do whatever your market is:
  • Don't see your booking engine as just another channel: Your booking engine is your sales channel!
  • Don't have the same or even higher prices on your booking engine than the other channels;
  • Don't close sales on your booking engine in advance: Think of this as your online door, you can always enter someone...
  • Don't stop with special and exclusive offers for your booking engine: differentiate yourself!
  • Don't give up on the quality of images and written or video content: wake up the desire to stay!

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