01 May 2020

Reinvent your offer!

This is a period that requires (and will continue to require) a lot of creativity in the offer to ensure the best return.
Being able to deliver a distinctive offer to the target in the right time can make a difference!

If we are now thinking about reopening, we all know that the market is thirsty for holidays... let's work to make them happen, with the proper safety measures!

And for that, we remind you that in your e-GDS Booking Engine (Booking Engine, Easy Booking or Dynamic Packaging) you have a number of solutions available:
You can create Mobile specific rate plans, which are only visible to those who access to your booking engine from mobile devices;
or you can create special offers for Facebook, which are only active for booking from this social network;

create promotional codes applied to a specific scheme or for the entire offer, enable the "exclusive client" conditions for clients who have already stayed with you, or simply for those who register on your Booking Engine - build loyalty and create leads for the future!

Or combine all this and surprise yourself with the results of your direct bookings.

Be creative... And if you need, challenge us: we're here to help you make it happen!

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