01 May 2020

Advantages of having flexible cancellation policies in your Booking Engine

Flexibility is a watchword: Give your customers the option to modify booking data, rooms and other extra services...

Until now, a stricter cancellation policy has worked, those that are not refundable were "mandatory" in a good revenue strategy, it has arrived the time of giving the customer other options that are more relevant to them.

If we are working on a security restitution and in overcoming the fear, flexible policies doesn’t mean we are losing the customer, but rather ensure that he continues to stay with you, that he is attentive to your needs and fears.

One of our challenges, while technology suppliers were to perceived as how could we intervene and help in the process of reducing cancellations in direct reservations. In addition to reminding customers of all the creative possibilities of rate templates on the booking engine of e-GDS, we were working round the clock to developed the option to change the booking data and change rooms for the final customer.

And that's why we invite hoteliers: to have more creativity in the offer, promote and promote the flexibility - not only booking changes to not lose the client, but also cross and upselling to guarantee other revenues.

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