01 May 2020

How to prepare the hotel reopening

We live in an atypical moment. We had to stop, readjust, redefine paths and ways of working.

Now we have to act!

Suddenly, the customer's expectations and behavior changed... What precautions should I take to clean the rooms? How do I deal with breakfast and shared spaces? How do I train employees to have a restricted contact with the client? Or for example, how to optimize the check-in process to avoid people concentration? Questions that didn't exist, but now need an answer... and immediate!

The technology has been moving faster than ever before. The process of technological adoption for hotels had already evolved a lot in recent years, but these last months have revealed a creative and unique opportunity at a technological level that is already showing results.

There is a lot of information... there are a lot of trainings... the online has boosted communication and changed the way of communicating!
And this is where hotels will have to be to reach their clients safely.

Ensuring everyone's safety is fundamental to reopening a hotel. It should be noted that the hospitality industry has already been through many crises, lives under a price-war every day, which healthily feeds, but none of this is worth it now in this pandemic scene whose main threat is fear!

But we must turn threats into opportunities:

- Make sure the whole team is trained and prepared.
- Use the technologies in your advantage to simplify processes
- and above all, communicate

Communicate internally and externally. Let your team feel confident and give your customers the confidence they need to come back... Create action and contingency plans and make them public, internally and externally. And use technology to communicate: for the good of all and for the success of your hotel!

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