01 May 2020

How technology can help you withstand this most difficult phase and prepare for the future

Knowing your target audience and the market you work for will help you define correctly what actions to...

We know that the millennials generation leads the travel market and that a new market niche is being born, where retirees are also starting to travel and want to live new experiences now that they have more free time. Two completely different markets: one that wants to live the now, without complications and that make shorter stays to know more places and another that goes with time, that stays in a hotel, in a city for more days. Technology will help you to understand the trends of your guests with ages, nationalities, and length of stay. Knowing how to take advantage of the information gathered is of extreme importance.

We know that there is a propensity for last-minute bookings, and that can and should be part of your strategy.

Creating last-minute offers for your customers will help you to be visible and available to those who make use of mobile devices and expect to get their hotel or plan a last-minute trip.

A responsive booking engine is not a theory these days, It’s a need, a must-have solution! Over 60% of travellers make reservations by their mobile device, from anywhere… and what they want is simplicity, speed, and security when making a reservation.

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