01 May 2020

Reasons to Open Sales for 2021

Data provided by Sojern reveals an increase in the volume of research done to travel in January 2021.
British, Spanish, French and Italian are the top of the list..

The desire to travel, to escape reality makes 2021, the desired year and given the uncertainty of 2020, tourists are beginning to postpone and prepare their holidays already for next year.

2020 is uncertainty...2021 is hope!

For tourists 2021 will be the year in which they expect everything to return to normal and that they can travel and have the holidays they postponed given the current situation.

For the hotel developments, 2021 will be a rebirth year and this may require some changes to the strategy so far operational and functional.

Income will be one of the most variable factors you will have to be aware: Create a plan, define and adjust strategy, open sales for 2021 with attractive prices and load special offers to attract customers. Given the demand forecast for 2021, the ideal is to be attentive to the fluctuations of the market and its competitors.

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