How to increase Occupancy Rate

To improve your occupancy rating (rooms sold), you should pay attention to aspects like:
Week’s highest occupancy rate day;
Competitors listed prices;
Local events that can boost the client’s interest
Keeping in mind what the hoteliers needs, e-GDS developed the e-GDS Rate Shopper, an analysis and comparator tool that allows the hoteliers to compare his prices against the competitors’. Through this tool, it’s possible to understand how the hotel stands on the market on price-related subject matters, and adapt the strategy regarding pricing and promotions on the most profitable way.
There are some tips to improve the occupancy rate:
Promotions and special offers implementation
Segmentation of offers by market
Creation of last-minute offers
Use of promo codes
Friendly and professional staff
Strong online presence
To know more about how can e-GDS can boost your sales, contact our team.

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