08 Apr 2021

Multifactor authentication to access the e-GDS Backoffice

According to the best practices recommended by the European standards GDPR and PSD2, we have changed the procedure for accessing the e-GDS backoffice to become multifactor.

During the month of March, we updated the way to access the e-GDS backoffice and to show credit card data. This way we guarantee an even more secure and efficient management.

The system now requires multi-factor authentication. In addition to the password, a 6 digit code will also be required, which can be acquired through a mobile device or email.

We remind you that credentials must be personal and non-transferable, e-GDS does not limit the number of users per hotel.

To get code you must first complete the username and password information and select the "Get Code" option. After this step, a 6 digit number will be sent to your cell phone which becomes part of your access credentials.

For viewing credit card data, the same security process has been updated. Whenever you need to view your card data you will be asked to enter your username and password and get code.

Our team is at your disposal should you need more information about the multifactor update and how to update your credentials.

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