e-GDS B2C: Booking Engine VS Extranets


We can not deny that your hotel needs extranets, either to sell or gain visibility, but the truth is much more than you can simply see!

Look at your booking engine as you look at your major seller... as you look to Booking.com or Expedia. Are you taking the most, or underrating the power of an optimized and customized booking engine?

Your booking engine can help you create a connection with your customer in a very effective way. You own the power to present your hotel directly, without any standards or comparison with others. Look at the big window that can be your website… Can you transform it into your main door?

Reduce the number of cancellations, optimize cancellation policies and create the best rate plans and promotions, the best deals for your hotel point of sale.

We believe that a hotel sells more than rooms, sells experiences, and the customer’s experience starts rating a hotel right on the moment of the reservation.

We have available some different kinds of booking engines, that can be loaded having in mind the specific needs of every single hotel, in order to help them to reach their goals.

Are you ready to step up and make your hotel reach a higher level of efficiency?

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