World Tourism Day 2018 - Tourism and Digital Transformation

Today is celebrated World Tourism Day, and the theme of this year is Tourism and Digital Transformations.

It's imperative to say that digital developments are the engine of the evolution and expansion that Tourism has been experiencing over the years.

The way we relate to each other and the way we look for information about touristic places proves that tourist behavior is encouraged and fueled by these technological advances that give life to the darkest street. The technological advances allow to create sustainable strategies, reducing the social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts on the Tourism Business and the places visited.

The future goal is to understand what is really needed on the Tourism Business and how digital technologies will become the key in this future the belongs to the millenials - a generation that has grown in the digital era and will be the demanding costumer/ consumer / tourist in the future.

This day should be used to remember how this constant improvement of the Tourism Business response is vital to the success of this industry. e-GDS Solution has been making it's contribution over several years with technological developments for a viable and economically profitable tourism, offering an efficient platform that enhances the management of tourism enterprises, as well as the increase of new clients.

To all who share with us a technological vision of Tourism, happy World Tourism Day 2018!

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