The trust of our customers and the security of the data that go through the e-GDS platform has always been a reason for special attention at XYZT, SA.

XYZt, SA has always cared about personal data and the protection of personal data, understanding that in business these are often fundamental to the proper execution of it.

Within the scope of the entry into force of the new regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (RGPD), at 25 May 2018, we have made all necessary changes to the e-GDS platform - Global Distribution Solutions so that, with the greatest confidence and security of all, the necessary records are made that underlie the fulfillment of the same.

By allowing the processing of the data it provides, the customer has access to a set of services and information/communication that is more personalized and appropriate for you and your business. Therefore we can be more efficient throughout our service.
e-GDS collects from its customers the personal data strictly necessary for the good performance of the service, either in person or remotely, through its Websites, either by completing forms or sending automatic emails.
The personal data collected will be treated by e-GDS for the following purposes:
  • The establishment of commercial relations between customers and e-GDS, for example: the opening of licenses, enforcing and implementing of software contracts as a service.
  • The mutually historical archive of products/services installed or, important information that may be necessary for the customers. To manage it e-GDS will use the digital archive platform (CRM) with the commercial contact purpose or technical support.
  • The fulfillment of obligations related in particular to tax matters;
  • The data collected by all digital channels, as a result of their use by Customers, they are as well intended to improve navigation on these channels and to adapt them to the device that is used (computer or mobile equipment), by using cookies which, in any case, may be deactivated by Customers
  • Data processing by e-GDS will remain as long as it is necessary for the established business relationship with its Customers. At the end of the business relationship the personal data will be kept for the mandatory legal deadlines or until prescribing it, (by the law, the rights and obligations emerging from it). In any case, when the relationship ends with the clients, the data will be no longer used for commercial treatment.
Informations Rights: The information rights mean the right of the client to be informed (among other things) about the purpose of data use, about to whom can it be communicated, about what is its rights and its conditions and the data that are mandatory.

The right of Access: The right of the client to access hits own personal data that was given by them without restrictions, delays, or expensive costs as well as to know all the information available about the origin of this data.
The right of Rectification: it is the right of Clients to demand that their data are accurate, up-to-date and may request rectification from e-GDS.

The elimination Right (or "forgetting"): It is the right of the clients to demand the elimination of the personal data in our records when they are not used by the correct purpose, without prejudice deadlines measures in the law.
The right of Opposition: It means the right of the clients to deny the treatment of the personal data to marketing use without costs.

The Right to Treatment Limitation: it means the right of the clients to say in specific circumstances the e-GDS limitation of the treatment of the data, in particular when they verify their accuracy if the treatment was illicit and the client does not agree with the delete of the data asking for a limitation of their use, or when e-GDS no longer need the client personal data for treatment but those data must be required by the client for the effects of declaration exercise or defense of the right un judicial process.

To exercise any of your rights, Customers may contact

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial need, all data subjects shall have the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of their habitual residence, their place of work or the place where they were alleged if the data subject considers that the processing of personal data concerning him/her infringes the Data Protection General (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and other applicable national legislation. In Portugal, the control authority is the National Data Protection Commission.
The Client will no longer enjoy the benefits associated with data processing which may be penalizing or even render the service unfeasible.
The customer may change the terms of his/her consent at any time in the restricted area or by contacting the e-GDS team.
XYZt, SA has assigned a Data Protection Officer who may be contacted directly by letter sent to the DPO for Rua D. João IV 399 1º Sala 3 4000-302 Porto, or to the following e-mail address:

Any change in this terms will be published on this site.