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10 Dec 2019

e-GDS and HiJiffy improve Direct Bookings

Hotels with an e-GDS Booking Engine can now integrate HiJiffy to improve customer communication and boost upselling.

Hotels with an e-GDS Booking Engine can now integrate HiJiffy to improve customer communication and boost upselling.

HiJiffy includes a chatbot to optimize the service and has a system to check the room occupancy rate on the hotel’s website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line and WeChat.

The potential of chatbots is huge, substantially improving the user experience and also the hotel's direct booking conversion rate.

On the e-GDS’ perspective, integration with HiJiffy strengthens customer service at the direct booking on all of the e-GDS booking engines since all of them support this virtual assistant.
HiJiffy, according to his general manager, Tiago Araújo, is “a comprehensive hotel communication platform” that enables you to improve communication with customers and effectively. The chatbot implemented on the site through a chat widget, will be able to answer about 70% of all guest questions.

The collaboration between HiJiffy and e-GDS will provide a brand-new virtual assistant that will automatically consult the e-GDS’ reservation system in real-time and:
- The chatbot will present all the available rooms
- The lowest price as the start point will be communicated
- Photos and a brief description of the room will be displayed

“At e-GDS, the concern is to help customer's business and automate processes through technology. For this, it is essential to be in constant innovation and be aware of value-added partnerships, such as this with HiJiffy. We are very pleased and confident with this integration, which will certainly be an improvement for our customers. ”by Joaquim Pereira, CEO of e-GDS

“We are delighted to be on the list of e-GDS partners. This partnership reveals the degree of trust placed in HiJiffy by e-GDS and how quickly we are able to respond to our customers' greatest needs, ”says Tiago Araújo, CEO of HiJiffy.

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