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30 Jun 2021

Tips to guarantee the best offers to your customer

Today we bring you some tips to maximize the revenue and the visibility of your hotel, both in your booking engine and online sales channels.

The hotel industry has been drastically affected by the pandemic and the lockdown that has been felt around the world, but the urge to travel is starting to make itself felt as well. Travelers from all over the world are anxious to pack their bags and enjoy the lost time.

With all the restrictions put in place, domestic travel had a positive impact in 2020 and will be the leverage that the national hotel industry needs to take off strongly now, in 2021.

For the national hotel industry to be prepared to receive both domestic and international tourism, it is necessary to take into account the needs of tourists. What do they look for? How do they look for it? What do they value?

Besides quality-price, which has always been an important aspect for travelers, we now have to add hygiene and safety that the hotel passes on in its online and offline communication. Given the uncertainties of the coming months, the issue of cancellations at no cost and flexibility in booking changes, have become another aspect not to be neglected.

Today we bring you some tips to maximize the revenue and the visibility of your hotel, both in your booking engine and online sales channels.

> Have open sales in your booking engine with different cancellation conditions

Give your customer alternatives. Attracting the customer is one of the most important aspects to be successful in your management. But once you have attracted them, you need to offer solutions. Offer non-refundable rates, with attractive prices, but don't forget about flexible rates; more and more tourists make last-minute reservations. Be attentive.

> Offer All-Inclusive promotions

In uncertain times, customers want answers. Make the choice easy with all-inclusive offers (or complementary to the room). Create accommodation packages plus a restaurant and stand out from the competition.
> Have open sales in the main sales channels

In such a competitive sector being online guarantees visibility, have your availability uploaded and updated in the different types of channels.

> Be on the alert for incentive programs created by extranets

Extranets continue to be a strong gateway for incoming bookings. This is a relationship you should maintain and take advantage of the sales opportunities that the channels recommend., for example, has a Partner Performance Investment Program that through campaigns/promotions that hotels create, offers commission discounts and greater visibility. The main objective is to support hotels in recovering from the damage caused by the pandemic.

With e-GDS Channel Manager you can manage your availability, create promotions and customize cancellation policies, both for your booking engine and external channels in seconds and without leaving the e-GDS backoffice.

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