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16 May 2021

Tips from e-GDS Team to improve your hotel

Hospitality is going through times of transformation and resilience. Times of change. We as technology providers, have had to adapt too and develop solutions to anticipate and respond to our customers' needs.

Throughout the process, and as it is our way of being in the market, our commercial and implementation team was always available to share the news and solutions developed as well as support in any part of the process.

Technological solutions are present in your day, either to improve the customer experience or to improve your performance, saving time and resources to maximize revenue.

For this reason, we challenged some members of our team to share advices to empower your propriety and explain how e-GDS can help you.

Andreia Azevedo, Account Manager, tell us about the Google Hotel Ads tool, which is revolutionizing the hotel sector:

"Google Hotel Ads is a resource developed by the Google search engine where potential customers searching for an accommodation find, through ads, your booking engine or another sales channel. In this way is possible to redirect guests and have your hotel more competitive on the market. Aware of the advantage of Google Hotel Ads, e-GDS provides integration with your booking engine.

Maria Bessa, Account Manager, tell us about the importance of promotional codes:

"Offer your guests special discounts! With promotional codes you can offer to a particular group of guests a personalized discount to be used in a next direct booking.
The e-GDS promotional codes allow you to create several codes, with different types of discount and for different periods of stay."

For more information about the solutions discussed or others, please contact our team!

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