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09 Dec 2020

New e-GDS Feature: Promote experience through gift vouchers

We went right to the moment and we made it happen! Now it's possible to integrate in your e-GDS Booking Engine the sale of vouchers. With this you will be empowering the direct sales as well as guaranteeing an excellent service to your guest.

At this time of the year this can be a way to boost and promote the sales of your hotel.

The vouchers can be created in your e-GDS Backoffice and can be personalized by room, by rate plan, by dates of stay among others.

This benefits by integrating this new development into your e-GDS Booking Engine:

- It enhances direct sales;
- Offers your customer another possibility to make reservations, directly or indirectly;
- Stimulates your commercial and communication strategy;
- Variety of the offer
- Possibility of creating special conditions for vouchers;
- It will allow your guests total freedom of choice;
- Increases your visibility in the market;
- The true meaning of offering experiences.

Anticipate the Revenue and be close to your customers.... Promote experiences and willingness to come back!

Get in touch with our team now and find out more about this feature created to boost direct selling and the offer.

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