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11 Oct 2021

Looking for a B2B BOOKING ENGINE?

Give your Corporate segment a wide choice of the services you have available and streamline purchasing processes.


With e-GDS B2B you can quickly and securely define different rates, availability and rooms per partner profile. This step will allow you to make the whole process more automated, leaving confirmation request e-mails aside!

This way, each agency or company will have its own log-in area so that quickly and autonomously you can make your reservations and/or modifications and/or cancellations.

Don't lose more sales opportunities because of long response times for RFP or availability requests from agencies and corporate customers: give them the same advantages of online booking tools that you offer to other customers.
  • One unique login per partner/client (unlimited)
  • Centralized and simplified real-time allotment and reservations management per contract/profile/channel
  • Centralized management of allotments and rates per contract/profile/channel
  • Client login for reservation details, cancelation and personal data management
  • Stop and close sales per rate and per contract/profile/channel
Put an end to wait times and emails; streamline and streamline processes and resources with a B2B booking engine hosted within your B2C booking engine.

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