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04 Nov 2021

Create promotions and attract more guests

Promotions are special conditions for certain periods, such as events, holidays...that aim to increase bookings and bring your hotel closer to your customers.


Have you prepared your promotion for Black Friday, Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Promotions are special conditions for certain periods, such as events, holidays...that aim to increase bookings and bring your hotel closer to your customers.

You should always be aware of the competition and try to understand and segment your audience by needs and desires. This way you will be able to create the best offers on the market.

Be a strategist, plan and create the best offers.

There are different formats of promotions: loyalty programs, special packages, last minute... 

- Loyalty Programs

Building customer loyalty is a big challenge, because preferences, needs and selection criteria are not static.

Customers are driven by feelings, by the perceived image of the brand, by online comments / reviews, by prices, and above all by experience.
Investing in the relationship with your guests, besides the return, is an excellent way to ensure that they will recommend you to others.

e-GDS gives you the possibility to create a member club for your booking engine to ensure customer loyalty. But that's not all, through the e-GDS backoffice it is very easy to create Genius promotions for

All from the same e-GDS backoffice login.

- Special Packages

Create a set of services targeted to different types of audiences. Packages are a set of services (usually includes a room and one or more extra services) that tend to respond to customer needs with more attractive prices.

Besides boosting sales it also contributes to improve the close relationship with the customer, since it meets their wishes.

- Last Minute

Last Minute offers are created for specific dates and increase the sense of urgency in your customer. Besides being a great option for those looking for last minute bookings, which have increased in recent times given the uncertainties that 2020 brought, customers can choose to book hotels closer to the dates with special conditions. Last Minute has been one of the most used solutions by hotels to promote sales.

- Mobile Rates

Aware that more and more customers are researching and booking hotels through a mobile device, it's important that you create a sales strategy focused on mobile.

Create campaigns exclusively for mobile and attract customers who search by this way.

Through the e-GDS backoffice, in seconds you can create mobile promotions for your booking engine and even for without leaving the e-GDS backoffice. Streamlining processes and boosting sales is the most important thing.

Need help creating your promotions either for your e-GDS booking engine or for external channels like through the e-GDS backoffice? Contact our team and maximize your hotel's profitability in seconds.


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