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19 May 2021

Advantages of a Pre Check-in Online

Technological innovations are an asset to any hotel and a way to make the management and the operations more effective and assertive.
In fact, customers are at this point much more receptive to anything that is new and useful, mainly if it provides greater security in their experience.


e-GDS clients have been used to communicate with their guests at any time of the experience since the booking is made: before check-in to inform the rules, during the stay to notify other services and promote cross selling, until after the check-out, where reviews can be obtained directly...

Actually, the easiness of a Pre check-in improves the experience of both: the guest and the hotel itself. Being in contact, even before the client's arrival, will help to improve satisfaction, ensure safety and comfort in the act, and also simplifies the work of the reception team at the time of arrival, minimizing the time of exposure to the concentration of people and promoting the social distance, so required for these days.

Under the uncertainty of the moment, allowing the guest to provide their data in the comfort and safety of their own device is fundamental to their trust and availability to stay in the propriety.

In addition to the transmission of personal information, through pre check-in the guest can leave information about restrictions and/or preferences for their stay ... and the hotel can ensure a knowledge of their client even before their arrival!

So, thinking about the convenience and security of our customers and their guests, we have developed a responsive solution that allows a precheck-in in all e-GDS system bookings, whether they are direct bookings or e-GDS Channel Manager integrated channel bookings: start receiving your guest before you go inside! Ask us how: we are together.

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