The best way to predict the future is to create it... We did It! Welcome to the New e-GDS Solution!

New & Responsive Layout

A whole new level of adaptability to your Backoffice Interface!

With such a high percentage of usage of mobile devices, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up-to-date, manage and analyze your bookings with more detailed info.

With the new Backoffice you will have the control you know and more but FASTER, EASIER and in YOUR DEVICE (from desktop to mobile).

Make better decisions and save time to focus on what is really important!

Drag&Drop Dashboard

Your personal dashboard for a better experience!

We understand that the day-by-day is offen spent with a lot of time digging for information and trying to figure out how business is going. Dashboards give an overview of it so you can save time for other important tasks, but what if you could choose what and where to view? With the new e-GDS Backoffice you will!

View first what is more important to act promply and take the best decisions...

Conversion Pop-Up For Booking Engines

Convert leads into customers with the new conversion pop-up!

With global abandoned cart rates averaging 80%, retargeting your visitors is a must have. A simple approach, a target campaign at the right time and you can transform a possible dropout into a revenue. Create an opportunity with an easy, quick and effective move while increasing the visitors interest.

Customize your offer and enable the abandonment pop-up ... and convert!

FrontEnd Costumizer

Change it, brand it, reverse it... It's your frontend!

e-GDS cares about your brand! We understand that is important for our clients to be recognized by your customers through your official colors, logotype and beautiful pictures, so we've always had the customization of our Booking Engine as a premise!

But what if you need to change a certain picture for a temporary time as a marketing strategy, or if your brand was redesigned, or you remodeled the facade that appears on your banner? Now we give you total independency to do those changes.

Take control of your frontend and choose the colors, images and font family that you think it simply fits your business.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Instant feedback... Better service!

Get the feedback you need from your customers right after their stay at your hotel.

Measure customer satisfaction in our new online survey, and understand what you’re doing well - and, more importantly, what you need to improve. Keep your customers happy and empower your employees to meet milestones based on their needs.

Master Rates

Manage all your room rates with a single configuration!

Set one or more Master Rates and control the room rate pricing all at once. Update the pricing of your Master Rate and it will automatically update your room rate displayed. You can even choose to set it by amount or percentage!

Save time, optimize your updates!

Guest Reviewer

Do you know what your guests are saying about you?

Millions of travelers share online their hospitality experiences in diverse platforms but we understand that checking review sites is time consuming. Let us do the job with Guest Reviewer, collecting reviews from different sources across the web – so you don’t have to!

Analyze all of your guest reviews and comments from all over the web and don’t lose an opportunity to engage with your guests and increase your online reputation.

Rate Shopper

View competitor pricing trends, set the better offer!

Better position your property on the market and adjust your rates accordingly to your competitors.
Differentiate and/or level yourself, gain advantage towards direct competition and optimize your occupancy.